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Percentage to CGPA Calculator: Your Ultimate Guide to Convert Percentage to CGPA


The transition from percentage to CGPA (Cumulative Grade Point Average) is a common process for students pursuing higher education in many educational systems worldwide. CGPA provides a standardized way to assess academic performance and is particularly prevalent in universities and colleges. In this comprehensive guide, we will explore the significance of converting percentage to CGPA, the conversion process, and how to find CGPA from a given percentage.

Understanding the Importance of Converting Percentage to CGPA

  1. Standardized Evaluation: CGPA offers a standardized method of evaluating academic performance, providing a fair comparison of students' achievements across various educational institutions.

  2. Ease of Grading: CGPA simplifies the grading process, making it easier for educators to assess and record students' performance over multiple semesters.

  3. International Recognition: CGPA is widely recognized internationally, facilitating student mobility and ensuring the compatibility of academic records.

  4. Comprehensive Assessment: CGPA takes into account the overall performance of a student, considering grades from multiple subjects rather than just a single percentage.

The Conversion Process: Percentage to CGPA

The process of converting percentage to CGPA involves a straightforward formula:

  1. First, determine the CGPA scale used by your educational institution. Typically, a 10-point CGPA scale is common, but some institutions may use a different scale.

  2. Divide the percentage obtained by the maximum percentage attainable (usually 100) to get a fraction.

  3. Multiply this fraction by the CGPA scale to obtain the CGPA.


CGPA = (Percentage Obtained / Maximum Percentage) * CGPA Scale

Example: Let's say a student scores 75% out of 100, and the institution uses a 10-point CGPA scale.

CGPA = (75 / 100) * 10 = 7.5

How to Find CGPA from a Given Percentage

To find the CGPA from a given percentage, follow these steps:

Step 1: Obtain the Percentage Start by determining the percentage obtained in a particular examination or course.

Step 2: Identify the CGPA Scale Check with your educational institution or refer to the grading system to identify the CGPA scale used (usually on a 10-point scale).

Step 3: Apply the Conversion Formula Use the conversion formula mentioned earlier to calculate the CGPA from the given percentage.

Step 4: Round Off the Result Most institutions round off CGPA to the nearest decimal place. For instance, if the result is 7.75, it is usually rounded to 7.8.

Online Percentage to CGPA Calculators

ToolzSource CGPA Calculator: This user-friendly tool allows students to calculate CGPA by entering their percentages and choosing the CGPA scale.


Converting percentage to CGPA is an integral aspect of academic assessment, ensuring a standardized and fair evaluation of students' performance. CGPA provides a comprehensive overview of academic achievements and promotes international recognition of educational qualifications. By understanding the conversion process and utilizing reliable online calculators, students can easily find their CGPA from a given percentage. As you embark on your academic journey, let the Percentage to CGPA Calculator simplify your grading experience and pave the way for a successful educational career.